Ideas for Group Rewards

Recognize permits companies to offer a wide range of Rewards for their employees - both provider-fulfilled (e.g. gift cards) and company-fulfilled (e.g. customized gifts). However, some companies may lean more towards collective rewards for teams, rather than for individuals; and there may not always be a budget for monetary rewards.

So here are some ideas for potential 'group rewards' that could be leveraged for your teams:


On-Site Group Rewards:

  • Company-Funded:
    • Pizza Party
    • Team Breakfast/Lunch with the CEO
    • Company 'Swag' (e.g. coffee mugs, water bottles, shirts, or jackets)
  • Non-Monetary:
    • Premium Parking Spots (for the week/month)
    • Approved Time Off (morning, afternoon, or entire day)

Off-Site Group Rewards:

  • Company-Funded:
    • Team Happy Hour/Dinner
    • Event Tickets (e.g. ball game, concert, museum, etc.)
    • Cooking Class
    • Wine Tasting
  • Non-Monetary:
    • Team-Bonding Event (with approved time off) 
    • Team Service Project (with approved time off)

For more information on rewards, please refer to the following help desk articles:

  1. Rewards: Step-by-Step Instructions
  2. How to Create a Gift Card Reward (Provider-Fulfilled)
  3. How to Create Custom Employee Rewards (Company-Fulfilled)
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