Points: Redeemable vs. Non-Redeemable

In order to help track engagement with the platform, Recognize awards points to users for a variety of activities. Ranging from sending/receiving recognitions to posting/liking comments, points help measure different types of users activities on the platform.

However, points can be broken-down into 2 different categories:

  1. Redeemable
  2. Non-Redeemable


Redeemable Points:

These points are obtained when users receive recognitions. Since the mission of the Recognize platform is to enable companies to acknowledge and reward positive employee behavior, only points associated with received recognitions are eligible to redeem rewards.

Users can view how many redeemable points they have through the 'Rewards' button at the top:



Non-Redeemable Points:

These points are obtained when users either submit a recognition or receive/submit a '+1' (approval) to an existing recognition. Although these actions are 'awarded' points for occurring on the platform, they are not eligible for rewards redemption. This helps to prevent users from 'gaming' the system by simply sending out mass-recognitions and then redeeming rewards.

Users can view their combined 'total points' (redeemable + non-redeemable) in their 'User Profile':


For more details, please refer to the 'Points Overview' article.

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