Nominations: Email Communication Template

Leveraging the Recognize platform's Nominations feature is a seamless way to conduct a companywide voting campaign.

Here is a sample email template that you could use to publicize an upcoming nominations campaign:


Dear employees,
As you may know, MONTH is a time where we reflect on the past year and identify a recipient for our annual AWARD. And this year, we would like to hear from you directly about who this person should be!
Starting DATE, we will be accepting nominations from all employees for this award through the Recognize platform. And you will be able to nominate one of your fellow colleagues through END DATE.
Instructions for Submitting a Nomination:
1. Login to the Recognize platform.
2. Click the 'Recognize' icon in the top-left corner of your browser.
3. In the page center, select 'Nominate'.
4. Then select 'Choose a badge' and AWARD.
5. Type in the name or email of the colleague you'd like to nominate.
6. Include a message about why you're nominating this person (tip: include any specific actions that they've taken).
7. Click 'Nominate' and you're all done! (Note: all nomination submissions are confidential, and the nominee will not be notified)
Our AWARD recipient will be announced by DATE at our COMPANY EVENT.
Let us know if you have any questions!

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