User Provisioning: Adding Your Employees to Recognize

When setting-up your company's Recognize platform, user accounts will have to be made for each employee. And this can be conducted through the user provisioning process.

There are 3 main methods available for user provisioning on the Recognize platform:

  • Spreadsheet Import
  • Bulk Edit
  • User Sync

Spreadsheet Import:

Spreadsheets may be imported into Recognize manually through the Recognize web portal or via an sFTP connection. Contact if you wish to setup an sFTP connection.

Manual import:

User data is uploaded into Recognize via a populated spreadsheet.

  • In the Company Admin portal, go to Users and select 'Spreadsheet Import'.
  • Select 'Choose File' under 'Upload' and select 'Import'.
    • Note: use the sample spreadsheet template to ensure proper data import.
  • Refer to the 'Spreadsheet Import' article for more details.


Bulk Edit:

New users can be manually added into Recognize at any time.

  • In the Company Admin portal, go to Users and select 'Bulk Edit'.
  • Select 'Add User' and manually type their details into the listed fields.
  • Select 'Save' and an invitation will be submitted to the user to join the platform. 
    • Note: this process is best suited for adding a one-off user, rather than many.
  • Refer to the 'Adding & Editing Users' article for more details.


User Sync:

User data is automatically synced with your company's user directory. Supported directories are Yammer and Microsoft (Office365 and AzureAD).

  • Only basic employee details are required for this function:
    • Email
    • Name (first & last)
    • Job Title
    • Department/Team/Group
    • Manager (optional)
    • Birthday(optional; day/month only)
    • Hire Date (optional; not available with Yammer)
  • Note: the sync is 'refreshed' nightly to update your users' data.
  • Refer to the 'Setting-Up a User Sync' article for more details.


Recommended Hybrid Approach:

Given the different user provisioning methods, the Recognize team recommends the following approach to adding your users into the platform:

  • Step #1: User Sync

    • Initiate a user sync with the Recognize support team (see details above).
    • This will create the user profiles with their basic employee details.
  • Step #2: Spreadsheet Import

    • Once all your users have been successfully added to the Recognize platform, initiate a spreadsheet import (see details above).
    • This will add additional employee data (e.g. hire date, birthday, manager, etc.)
      • Note: be sure to check the 'Update Only' option before you select 'Import'.




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