Approving Recognitions

Recognize provides employee recognition through a manager or admin approval process. This technique allows staff to give monetary or special awards to others, controlled by a manager allowing or denying the recognition.

How it Works:

  1. Setting Point Increments for Recognitions
  2. Designating Point Values for Recognitions


Setting Point Increments for Recognitions:

You can now set point increments when creating recognition badges via the Company Admin/Custom Badges portal:


  1. In Custom Badges, you can either create a new badge or update an existing one.
  2. Check 'Require approval' and a drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Configure the following fields as you see fit:
    • Point variants for approval (list the different point values associated with the badge)
    • Approver (designates either Managers or Company Admins for badge approvals)
  4. Click 'Save badges' at the bottom to save these updates.



Designating Point Values for Recognitions:

When an employee recognition is submitted for approval, the Manager or Company Admin can now determine which point value to assign to each individual award via the Recognitions portal:


  1. On the far-right side, look for the 'Approve/Deny' button under the 'Actions' column.
  2. Once 'Approve' is selected, a pop-up menu will give you the opportunity to determine how many points should be associated with the recognition badge.
    • This allows the approver to either increase or decrease the awarded points.
  3. Once updates are completed, click the 'Approve' button to have it submitted to the recipient.
    • Note: if recognitions are marked 'private', they will not be publicized.
    • Note: recognitions will not be publicized (on Yammer or Workplace) until they are approved by the Manager/Company Admin.
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For more details, check out the 'What are recognition badges?' and 'Recognitions: Step-by-Step Instructions' articles.

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