Running Reports for Redeemable Points (Company Admin)

After several months of using Recognize, it's helpful to see how many employees have outstanding points that have yet to be redeemed. And fortunately, the Recognize platform has built-in reporting functionality that can be accessed via the Company Admin portal:

  • Access the Company Admin portal and select Rewards from the left-side menu.
  • From the right-side menu, select 'Points'.


  • Under 'Points', select the 'Summary' option on the right-side.


  • Select your desired interval (e.g. month, quarter, year, or custom) on the left-side.
  • Toggle the 'Show ___ entries' option to 'All' to display points for all your employees.


  • Select 'Export' on the right-side and choose your desired option:
    • Copy (copy of the recognition data for pasting into Word or Notepad)
    • CSV ('bare bones' Excel file - best for importing)
    • Excel (Excel data sparsed into different columns)
    • PDF (PDF-version of the 'Recognition' data)
    • Print (printable screenshot)



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