Anniversaries: Step-by-Step Instructions


When an employee's work anniversary or birthday occurs, Recognize's Anniversary feature can carry-out automatic recognition. So in order to activate this feature, the following actions must be completed:

Determine Privacy Settings:

  1. Determine whether or not your staff would be comfortable having either their birthdays or work anniversaries publicly celebrated.
  2. Toggle these privacy settings via the Company Admin/Settings portal, under the 'User Profile Settings/Birthday & Anniversary Privacy' section:
    • Anniversary Privacy (activate to make these recognitions private)
    • Birthday Privacy (activate to make these recognitions private)


Enter Anniversary/Birthday Data:

  1. Ensure that the start date and/or birthdays of each employee have been entered into the platform.
  2. If not, you can add them through one of 3 ways via the Company Admin/Users portal:


Enable Anniversary Recognitions:

  1. Enable the 'Anniversaries' feature through the Company Admin/Anniversaries portal.
  2. Toggle the optional, pre-populated anniversary badges to activate them. Make sure you only turn them on once you are ready to launch Recognize to your whole company:
    • Birthday (annual birthday celebration)
    • Work Anniversaries (range from 1 week up to 60 years)
  3. You also have the option to customize the description, image, and points value of each badge.


Customize Anniversary Notifications:

  1. Determine which company roles will be notified in advance of an employee's birthday or work anniversary through the 'Notifications' tab under the Company Admin/Anniversaries portal.
  2. Check the corresponding boxes (next to each company role) for them to receive 'Anniversary' and/or 'Birthday' notifications: 
    • Roles (will be notified of anniversaries throughout the company)
    • Team Managers (will be notified of the anniversaries for their respective teams)


Please refer to the 'Setting up an anniversary' help article for further details.

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