Tasks: Step-by-Step Instructions

Creating Tasks through the Recognize platform is an effective way to engage with your employees. These action items can correspond to either self-reported achievements or requested, verifiable actions. For example, you may create an initial task for everyone in your organization to sign-in to Recognize for the first time.

 Here are the proper steps for leveraging tasks in the Recognize platform:

Enable Tasks:

  1. Enabling the task feature can be done via the Company Admin/Settings portal.
  2. Under the 'Tasks' section, toggle the 'On' button next to 'Enable Tasks'.


Create Tasks:

  1. Via the Company Admin portal, select Tasks from the left-side menu.
  2. Select 'Manage' on the right-side menu, followed by 'Create Task'.
  3. Populate the following fields for each Task:
    • Name (name of task)
    • Value (optional; assigned task points for reporting purposes)
    • Categories (optional; tags the task to a specific category - e.g 'Onboarding')
    • Roles (optional; can be assigned to a specific company role - e.g. 'New Hires')
      • Note: in order to assign a task, this field must be completed


Assign Tasks:

  1. After creating a task, select Users from the left-side navigation column
  2. Click the 'Toggle column visibility' icon, and choose 'Company Roles' from the drop-down menu.
  3. Under the 'Company Role' column, enter the role that corresponds to your created task.
    • This will automatically assign your task to that user's account.



Approve/Deny Tasks: 

  1. Once tasks are created, they can be approved/denied via the Company Admin/Tasks portal.
  2. Once in the Tasks menu, all of the users' tasks can be filtered by interval/time period.
  3. Each task's 'Status' is featured on the far-right side:
    • Approved (previously approved task)
    • Denied (previously denied task)
    • Resolve (required action)
  4. Once 'Resolve' is clicked, a small menu pop-ups with the task details and a few options:
    • Approve or Deny
    • Add message (optional message can be added to accompany the action)
  5. Click 'Submit' to complete the task approval/denial.




Please refer to the 'How do I use tasks?' and 'How to Create and Assign Tasks' help article for further details.

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