How to Create and Assign Tasks (Company Admin)

Creating tasks through the Recognize platform can be an effective way for employees to self-report tasks or activities they accomplish. Tasks can only be created by the 'Company Admin' but they can assigned to users by way of roles. 

Here are the steps for creating and assigning tasks through Recognize:

1. Create a Task:

  • Open your Company Admin portal
  • Select Tasks from the left-side navigation column
  • Select Manage on the right-side, followed by Create Task


  • Populate the following fields for each Task:
    • Name (name of task)
    • Value (optional; assigned task points for reporting purposes)
    • Categories (optional; tags the task to a specific category - e.g 'Onboarding')
    • Roles (optional; can be assigned to a specific company role - e.g. 'New Hires')
      • In order to assign a task, this field must be completed



2. Assign a Task:

  • After creating a task, select Users from the left-side navigation column
  • Click the 'Toggle column visibility' icon, and choose Company Roles from the drop-down menu


  • Under the 'Company Role' column, enter the role that corresponds to your created task
  • This will automatically add your task to that user's account


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