Recognitions: Step-by-Step Instructions

Recognizing your employees for a job well done, or encouraging their colleagues to do so, is can excellent way to enhance the employee experience. And Recognize's Recognitions feature can help you facilitate the process in a seamless, digital manner. So here are some instructions on how to enable this feature and submit recognitions through the platform:

Configure Recognition Settings:

  1. Determine which recognition settings to enable via the Company Admin/Settings portal.
  2. Toggle each recognition setting to your desire:
    • Limit sending to within company only
    • Message is required to send a recognition
    • Limit new recognition to be accessible only to your organization
    • Allow staff to make recognitions private within your company (enables private messages to be sent between users)
    • Allow adding tags while sending recognition (customized tags can be attached to recognitions - e.g. company values, company accounts, etc.)


Customize Recognition Badges:

  1. Determine which badges to customize for 'Recognitions' via the Company Admin/Custom Badges portal.
  2. Complete the following fields for each badge:
    • Title (e.g. 'Stewardship')
    • Enable (activates the badge)
    • Description (text that will be listed on the recognition)
    • Additional details (text listed on the top of the badge page)
    • Nomination badge (keep toggled 'off')
    • Points (select the point value for the recognition badge)
    • Badge Sending Limits (per user - optional restriction)
    • Roles (optional - restricts nomination sending to certain roles - e.g. Mangers)
    • Achievement (optional - highlights the badge as an employee achievement)
    • Force private recognition (privatizes all new recognitions for that badge)
    • Show in badge listing (uncheck to 'hide' badge from recognition selection)
  3. Click 'Save Badges' after making updates.



Submit a Recognition:

  1. Once your badges are set, your employees can submit 'Recognitions' for each other through their individual Recognize portal.
  2. Users can complete the following fields for each nomination:
    • Choose a Badge (select the correct 'Recognition' campaign)
    • Recipient (type-in either employee names or email addresses)
    • Message (reason for recognizing this employee)
    • Tags (optional - can correspond to a company value, company account, etc.)
    • Post to Yammer/Workplace (toggle to post the recognition to either platform)
    • Private (makes the recognition private between the 2 users)
  3. Click 'Recognize' to send the recognition to the employee.



Review Recognition Reporting:

  1. Over time, the admins can login and review submitted 'Recognitions' via the Company Admin/Recognitions portal.
  2. Different 'Recognition' review tools are available for company admins:
    • Interval (sort 'Recognitions' by month, quarter, or year)
    • Show (display option - toggles between 25 to all entries)
      • Note: you must change to 'All' if you'd like to export all records)
    • Search (can type in an employee's name or role)
    • Filter by role (sort 'Recognitions' by company role - e.g. Manager)
    • Export (option to export recognition data into either CSV, Excel, or PDF format)



Please refer to the 'Send your first recognition' help article for further details.

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