Accessing Recognize Profile

Your Recognize user profile is a great place to see all of your sent and received recognitions, any rewards you've redeemed, tasks you've submitted, badges you've earned your running points total, and more! It's also where you can access/change your personal Recognize settings, like notifications.

To access your user profile

  • Once signed in to your Recognize account, select your name/avatar in the top right
  • From here, you can select from sent/received recognitions, tasks, rewards, etc. from the tabs at the top of the profile page:



  • You can also select the "Edit profile" button in the top right to change your personal notification settings, personal dates and details, etc. **Note, if your company has an active user sync in place, those fields will appear "greyed out" and will not be editable - to edit those fields contact your company HR administrator to discuss
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