Setting-Up a User Sync

The Recognize user sync is a process that provides a way for companies to keep their Recognize user directory in sync with their corporate user directory. Once established, the user sync options allow you to "set it and forget it" and require very minimal management, allowing you to keep your company and Recognize user directories in sync automatically.

How it Works

We connect to the identity provider and user directory of your choice (see above) and synchronize the users based on a few parameters. You can sync your entire organization or you can pick
groups to synchronize. You can also manually initiate a sync at any time via the Settings page in the company admin portal. The time it takes to execute a full sync depends on the size of your directory and the size of the queue in our background tasks server. For most of our customers, it can range from 15m to 2 hours. The user sync is run nightly.


Identity Providers

We currently support user syncing through Yammer and Microsoft Cloud (Azure AD, Office 365, or Exchange online). We allow an SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) option as well.

If you do not want to or cannot sync your user directory, we support "just-in-time" user provisioning. This is where we create accounts and permit access to Recognize when a user logs in via OAuth or SAML. See more information about SAML in our resources section here 


What information can we sync?

You can specify if you would like to sync Recognize Teams to your directory’s groups to more closely mirror your internal structure. Some of the other information that we currently allow includes: 

  • email
  • first name & last name
  • manager (optional)
  • birthday(optional, day/month only)
  • hire date (optional, not available with Yammer)
  • job title
  • team/group affiliations & more! 


Are notifications or invites sent out?

When users are synced, they are added to the Recognize directory, but no emails or notifications are sent out. We have a "bulk invite" feature on our Accounts page in the company admin portal where you can customize the invitation email and send it out at a time of your choosing.


Please see our comprehensive User Sync Guide for more detailed information, requirements, and step by step instructions for enabling user syncing through Yammer or Microsoft Cloud.



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