How do I use Tasks?

Tasks are one-time achievement or directive based recognitions. The tasks feature allows you to create badges/recognitions associated with very specific, verifiable actions. For example, you may create an initial task for everyone in your organization to sign in to Recognize for the first time, as a great way to start off the engagement. You can then go back and verify who has indeed signed in and accomplished this task, and then award them (resolve the tasks) with the associated recognition. An example of a more advanced type of task may be “Achieve your quarterly sales quota.”

Tasks require an admin approval prior to release to the user, and need to be manually verified and resolved (since our app won’t know if Joe met his quarterly sales quota, for example). Tasks can also be denied by an admin if the achievement is not met.


To access the tasks feature:

  • Open your Company Admin
  • Select the "Tasks" option from the left side navigation column


To add a task:

  • From the task dashboard, select the "Manage" button in the top right corner
  • Select the blue "Create task" button that will appear in the top left portion of your screen
  • Fill in the information and select "save"




Recognize custom roles are created in the Roles section in the Company Admin. Assign the roles to the users in the Users section, and then to the tasks. Only users with that role can submit that task.


This is for reporting purposes so you can organize and sort the tasks.


To Approve/Deny a task:

  • From the tasks dashboard, scroll to the task you'd like to approve
  • Select the "Resolve" button


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