User Statuses

There are many user statuses available in Recognize, each representative of a different user states. Admins can view the user states in the Users section of your Company Admin, in the column titled "Status":


Status states:

  • Active - has signed in, is active and is able to send/receive recognitions
  • Invited - has been added as a user to the recognize platform, and invited to sign-in, but has not signed in
  • Invited from recognition - user was sent a recognition prior to signing in to their Recognize account for the first time
  • Pending invite - user was added to the Recognize portal, but no invitation was sent. *Note: Adding users does not automatically invite them to sign in. This is intentional behavior, because companies may want to add your users, and customize your account, without notifying users and having them start to sign in before it's ready to go. There is a convenient additional step to be taken to send invites, once you're ready
  • Disabled - was added and then disabled and no longer has access credentials/cannot send or receive recognitions
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