How to Run a Recognition Report (Manager)

Managers can run a report of all recognitions given by their reporting team members, in any given time window, through the Recognitions section of their Manager Portal.


Running a Recognition Report:

  1. Open your Manager Portal/Recognitions portal.
  2. Different 'Recognition' review tools are available for Managers:
    • Interval (sort 'Recognitions' by month, quarter, or year)
    • Show (display option - toggles between 25 to all entries)
      • Note: you must change to 'All' if you'd like to export all records)
    • Search (can type in an employee's name or role)


Exporting a Recognition Report:

  1. Select the 'Export' option and choose your preferred format:
    • Copy (copy of the recognition data for pasting into Word or Notepad)
    • CSV ('bare bones' Excel file - best for importing)
    • Excel (Excel data sparsed into different columns)
    • PDF (PDF-version of the 'Recognition' data)
    • Print (printable screenshot)
  2. After selecting one of the export formats, the report will automatically download.


Reviewing a Recognition Report (Excel):

  1. Excel tends to be the most popular exporting option for Managers, allowing for easy data review.
  2. After exporting the recognition data into Excel, you can add a 'filter' via the Home/Editing/Sort & Filter tabs.
  3. This will allow you to filter the recognition data by date, recipient name, or badge.


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