Exploring the Manager Portal

The Manager Portal allows managers of reporting staff to stay up to speed on the recognitions and engagement of their direct reports, and be able to manage approvals and denials, without needing access across the full organization. Managers are restricted to reporting and approvals/denials for their direct reports only. Through the Manager Portal, managers can:

  • Access and monitor reporting on Recognize engagement metrics of their reporting staff
  • Approve or deny tasks for reporting staff
  • Approve or deny reward redemptions for their reporting staff


Accessing the Manager Portal:

  1. Once logged in to your Recognize account portal, select the wheel icon in the top right labeled "Menu" 
  2. Select the “Manager Portal” option in the center of the drop down menu:




Manager Portal Menu Options:

  • Direct Reports - gives managers a high level overview of all of their direct reports, and the engagement highlights for each (recognitions received, total redeemable and the current month totals)
  • Recognitions - provides an aggregate view of all recognitions sent by reporting staff, exportable and sortable by month, quarter, year or custom range
  • Redemptions - Allows managers to view, and approve or deny, any requested reward redemptions from their direct reports
  • Tasks - Allows managers to view, and approve or deny, any open tasks from reporting team members



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