Add your users

To really take advantage of your trial, go ahead and add a small group of test users, so that you can fully explore all of the features that Recognize has to offer. We recommend selecting a group of 3-5 users and asking them to actively participate in the test group, give feedback, ask questions, etc.


If you are logged in, go the Users page here.


To manually add a user:

  • Open your Company Admin (if you’ve forgotten how to access your admin, check here)
  • Select the Users option in the left navigation column
  • Select the “Bulk edit” button in the upper right corner:
  • Once you’ve opened the bulk edit screen, select “Add user”
  • A new, blank row will be added to your table of users - enter the applicable values in the new user row
  • Once you’ve added the user information, select “Save” in the top right corner
  • When you are done, say so by selecting “Done:”


Almost done

Now that you’ve added your test users, go ahead and send a recognition using the custom badge you added earlier - almost done, last step!


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