Send your first recognition

Now that you’ve added your users, and customized a badge, lets send a recognition or two. You may even want to send a recognition to everyone in your test group to get things going.

To send a recognition:

  • Sign in to your Recognize account 
  • Select the “Recognize” button in the top navigation pane:



Time to Recognize

  • From the recognition window, select the big grey plus sign icon, and then choose the custom badge that you added back in trial step 3
  • Once you’ve selected your badge, enter the coworker's name in the “Who do you want to recognize?” box. You can even recognize everyone in your test group with the same badge, conveniently all at once!
  • Add a message detailing what this person (or group of people) has done awesome
  • Select the blue “Recognize” button toward the bottom of your screen:




You’ve performed all of the most essential trial steps, but Recognize still has much more to offer! Feel free to dive deeper into more customizations and keeping sending recognitions. You can find more help articles in our resources section or our FAQ.

We look forward to hearing about your thoughts and experience in our next call!


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