Create a Custom Badge

There are a variety of stock badges already created for your convenience in your Recognize account. However, creating your own custom badges that align with your specific organizational goals and values is often where some of the greatest value comes from. We want the process of adding a custom badge to be painless - go ahead and give it a shot!


Steps to access the Custom Badge options 

  • Open your Company Admin (if you’ve forgotten how to access your admin, check here)
  • Select the Custom Badges option on the left side navigation column
  • Then, select the “Upload new badge” option to start the process:


  • In the upload window, give the badge a title of your choice, and add a description if you’d like. Note - no two badges can share the same title
  • Attach a picture that suits the badge from your computer (you may want to download one through a quick search, or perhaps you have one already saved from prior usage), by selecting “choose file,” locating the file in your computer, and attaching
  • Select “Create Badge” to add the badge (the rest can be customized later):
  • To learn more about the uses of badges, read here.



Congratulations, you’ve now added your first custom badge! When you’re ready, check out step 4, to add your test users!



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