How to Add or Change a Rewards Manager

What is a Rewards Manager?

The Rewards Manager is a special "rewards-only" manager, who is assigned to manage a given reward. This is a separate role designation from that of a direct-report Manager role, as the Reward Manager is specific only to their assigned Rewards, regardless of their other role(s), any direct reports, etc.. You can have as many Rewards Managers as you see fit - one per reward.

The Rewards Manager will be notified via email whenever someone redeems that reward. This person also has the ability to approve or deny that reward via the Manager Portal. Read more about approving or denying rewards here.


How to add a Rewards Manager:

1. Follow the instructions to create a custom reward.

2. You can choose the rewards manager from the drop down.


3. Save the reward.

How to change Rewards Manager:

1. Go to Company Admin.

2. Click Rewards.

3. Click CATALOG in the horizontal rewards menu at the top. There you can see the details of reward.


4. Click Edit link in the table and you will be redirected to edit page of reward.

5. Scroll down to Rewards Manager and select a new rewards manager.


6. Click Save button.

7. You will be redirected to the CATALOG page, where you can see the updated manager for that reward.



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