How do embed Recognize in Sharepoint or an iFrame?

Recognize can be embedded in Sharepoint O365, Sharepoint On-Prem, or any intranet even if that intranet is not publicly accessible on the internet. 

For Sharepoint 0365, please install our app from the Office Store here:

The following documentation is not for Sharepoint 0365, but is for Sharepoint On-Prem and any other intranet. Sharepoint On-Premise is supported if your configuration allows web parts to access external websites, such as

To do embed Recognize in Sharepoint On-Prem or your intranet:

There are two approaches to embedding Recognize

  • OAuth based login
  • SAML SSO based login

We recommend SAML SSO because it will lead to a seamless experience with your users. They will automatically be logged in when they visit your intranet. In the OAuth based login case, users will be prompted with a login screen that will take them through an OAuth flow in a new window. Once complete, the page in Sharepoint will automatically refresh to show the desired logged in page.

We will first describe the SAML SSO case:


Please note: to use this convention, you must set up SAML SSO in the Recognize Company Admin portal

Any url on Recognize can be embedded following a convention.<account domain>/saml/sso/<url>?viewer=sharepoint&referrer=<sharepoint host>

Using this convention, you will need to replace <account domain>, <url>, <sharepoint host> with specific values for your account.

<account domain> is usually your email domain and can be found in most urls in Recognize. For instance, if your email was, and when you accessed the Recognize stream page, the url is:, then your account domain is:

<url> is everything after the account domain. In the Stream page example above, the url would just be: recognitions. 

<sharepoint host> is the domain of your Sharepoint host or your intranet domain. This may be either a publicly accessible DNS entry or internal identifier that is only accessible from inside your corporate network

In the following examples, the domain is and the Sharepoint host will be

Stream page example

Destination page: 

Url for sharepoint: 


Rewards page example

Destination page: 

Url for sharepoint:


Send recognition page example

Destination page: 

Url for sharepoint: 

OAuth Login

When embedding Recognize into on-prem Sharepoint and using OAuth based login, please follow the instructions for SAML SSO except you will need to replace "saml/sso" with simply "redirect" in the url in Sharepoint. 

For example:

Destination page: 

Url for sharepoint: 

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