Points Overview

Recognize has a unique points system to engage staff and create excitement. The points can be used to redeem items from our rewards catalog. Points are also used when tabulating leaderboards and reports. A user can earn points via activity in the platform such as receiving a recognition, +1’ing someone else's recognition, receiving a +1, and sending recognitions. Points for each activity are configurable. The points for receiving a recognition are controlled by the value of the badge given. 

Points for badges

To update badge point values, go to Menu > Company Admin > Custom Badges. For recognitions with multiple recipients, each recipient will be awarded the point value corresponding to the badge. For team recognitions, each recipient will be awarded points and the team will also be awarded points as a group. Points from a badge a user receives are redeemable for rewards. 

Points for sending recognitions

From the Settings in the Company Admin, you can change the points for sending. Points received for sending a recognition are not redeemable. This helps prevent users from gaming the system for points. If a user sends a recognition to multiple people, they will only receive the amount of points for sending one recognition. 

If you are interested in rewarding employees who send recognition, randomly reward employees based on sending or +1ing recognitions. In the beginning of the program keep the sending points high, and lower the points as people adopt the program- it is a form of encouragement.

Points for sending a +1 (also known as an approval)

Same as points for sending a recognition, the points are configured from the settings. These points are not redeemable to help prevent users from gaming the system to redeem rewards. Most companies keep this worth 0 to 1 points.

Points for receiving a +1 (also known as an approval)

By default, staff will receive one point when a staff member approves or +1 a recognition. This can be changed in the company admin settings. These points are not redeemable. 

Points for commenting

Currently, Recognize doesn’t give any points for commenting.

When does an employee receive redeemable points?

Only when they receive a recognition. The recipient of a recognition receives the badge's points.

Points received for teams and multiple recipients

If an entire team, or multiple recipients, are recognized then they each get a badge, and thus everyone gets the same number of points.

What happens when I redeem a reward for points and then my recognitions are deleted?

Right now, when you redeem a reward and the recognitions responsible for that reward are deleted, then you will go into point debt. It is possible to have negative points as a consequence.

Can I have a negative balance for redeemable points?

Yes, you can have a negative balance if the recognitions are deleted. See above.

What are interval points?

Interval points are simply how many total points you’ve received in a given time period. By default it is monthly, but the admin can change it to weekly, quarterly, or yearly. It is a way to keep staff engaged, because there will always be new winners on the leaderboards and to keep people focused on what’s in front of them, and not their cumulative points. If we focused entirely on cumulative points, veteran staff will have more points. Thus, the interval points help everyone be a winner at some point.

Can I see the cumulative points for myself or another employee?

Yes, click on your name in the top right. Once on your profile in the bottom left corner inside your name tag is the total points. To view any user’s profile, hover or click on User in the top header to find another user.

Can we reset points?

Points can be reset if all the recognitions are deleted. The admin can ask the Recognize team to delete the recognitions or it can be done manually.

Do the points change for existing recognitions when I change the points on the badge?

No, when the admin changes the points it does not effect previous recognitions.


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