I don't see Recognize in Yammer, What do I do?

In order to see Recognize inside of Yammer, you need one of our browser extensions installed.

To confirm the browser extension is installed and working properly, please follow these instructions for the browser that you are using 

Internet Explorer

  • While IE is open, click "Tools" and then "Manage Add-Ons"
  • You should see an entry for Recognize IE BHO.
  • Ensure the status is "Enabled"
  • If it is not enabled, enable it and close and restart your browser

Google Chrome

  • On your browser, click the menu .
  • Select More Tools -> Extensions.
  • Scroll through the list and make sure you find Recognize and ensure it is enabled


  • On your browser, click the menu .
  • Select Add Ons
  • Ensure Recognize is there and is enabled

If you do not see the browser in the Extensions or AddOns menu, please visit this page and install the extension for your browser: https://recognizeapp.com/yammer-integration#marketing-browser-extensions-info 

If you are still having trouble, please contact us at support@recognizeapp.com

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