Setting up an anniversary program

When a work anniversary, or a birthday, occurs, our seamless anniversary feature will automatically recognize the user, and email selected roles in your organization, based on your input. To allow this, please make sure to include or have your users add their start dates in their Recognize profile. This can also be achieved by setting up a user sync.


Enabling anniversary recognitions

Once you have your dates entered, do the following to enable the feature:

  1. Open your Company Admin
  2. Select the Anniversaries option from the left navigation column
  3. We have recognition options for work milestones starting from 6 months, on through 60 years, and each one can be enabled or disabled individually (for example you may decide to celebrate only certain milestone anniversaries, like 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10, years, etc.)
  4. To enable specific anniversaries, switch the toggle under each badge to "on" (anniversary recognitions are disabled by default)
  5. Enter the associated points value with each enabled anniversary recognition and add any accompanying description content and you're all set!


Pro-tip: To make it extra special, create specific anniversary badges that only executives can send.


Customizing anniversary notifications

Along with the anniversary badges, you have the ability to select specific roles in your organization who you want to be emailed when an anniversary occurs (those users will be emailed and given a link to recognize the anniversary)

  1. Select the notifications option at the top of the page
  2. Check the boxes for those roles which you'd like emailed, and choose whether they should receive anniversary or birthday notifications (or both)


If you have staff who would rather not have their anniversaries publicly celebrated, you can allow users to choose whether or not to share these recognitions throughout the organization in your Settings in the 'Birthday & Anniversary Privacy' section:








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