How to install the browser extensions for our company?

Download the Recognize browser extension

We support IE, Edge, Chrome, and Safari. The installation process is standard for each browser. 

Go to to download a browser extension.

For Chrome, a little icon appears in the top right toolbar. Click that to open Recognize.

Enhance Yammer

All the browser extensions enhance Yammer. If you are on the Yammer website, Recognize will be injected into Yammer replacing the Yammer Praise feature.

The browser extension is easy to install manually for small companies. Simply email your staff a link to download (see link above).

Group Policy

For larger companies, we recommend using a Group Policy. We support Group Policy and it is easy for your IT to install if your company supports them. It allows for easy installation across all devices for the browser extensions.

For Chrome Group Policy, download this ADM file

Internet Explorer

We built a custom extension for IE to enhance Yammer. To learn more about installing, go to


Contact us to schedule a 15min IT call to review group policy and IE distribution.

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