How to configure the leaderboards?

Leaderboards can be completely disabled, or show different leaderboards.

Steps to configuring the leaderboards (Stats)

1. Go to the Company Admin.

2. Go to the Settings, and scroll to Stats.

You have four options

1. Show leaderboards for the company's teams and where the current user is located in the user leaderboard. This means no matter where the current user is located in the leaderboard, they will see themselves and the people below them and above them, and not necessary the top employees of the company if the current user is not a top employee.

2. Show the top employees leaderboard, which shows the first place user and down to the last.

3. Show both the top employee and the current user-focused leaderboards (user and team).

4. Don't show any leaderboards and disable the stats page. This is accomplished by turning OFF both leaderboards. The top navigation link will disappear on page refresh.


Current user-focused leaderboard

The current user is in 7th place, but still shows them front and center.

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