How is Recognize integrated into Yammer?

Recognize is the most integrated Yammer partner. We accomplish this in a number of ways using two different levels of integrations: Signing in to Recognize with Yammer and downloading the browser extensions.

Yammer standard integration

See how to sign into Recognize with Yammer and the functionality


  • Recognize recognitions can show up on Yammer's feed.
  • Single Sign On with Yammer.
  • Gets the signed in user's first name, last name, avatar, job title and adds the data to their Recognize account.
  • Allows admins to disable password saving in Recognize for security. See the Settings in the Company Admin for more.
  • Autocomplete list of users when searching users or adding recognition recipients.
  • Supports the deprecated org chart for Yammer.


Browser extensions from Recognize for Yammer

See how to install

The browser extensions are very basic. Firefox, Safari, and Chrome extensions are literally a under ten lines of JavaScript. Even the most strict corporate virus scanners pass our extensions. The Internet Explorer extension is custom and has custom code for it to work in IE.

We do not support Microsoft Edge browser. Soon the Edge browser will support Chrome extensions and then we will support all browsers once again for full browser dominance :)

Benefits to the extension:

  • Send recognition directly in Yammer
  • Browse the entire domain from within Yammer
  • +1 recognition posts in Yammer
  • View user's recognitions on their Yammer profile
  • A convenient Send a Recognition button on user's profiles on Yammer
  • Easily administer Recognize from Yammer
  • Easily view leaderboards from Yammer

Note: the browser extensions do not support mobile.

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