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The Nominations (or as we call it internally, 'Noms') provides companies with a straight forward above & beyond program. Above and beyond programs are a secret voting system to discover a top employee. A classic example is an employee of the month program.

In Recognize Nominations, staff still send badges, but only the company admins will see the submissions. Nominations do not have any points. Company admins will decide a winner based on votes by the staff. Companies often use this for employee of the quarter or innovator of the month.

Around 76% of companies have a nomination (e.g. Above & Beyond) program. 


How to get to the Company Admin: Many steps in the help desk involve this first step:

Go to > Login as an admin > top right Menu > Company Admin


How to enable

Once in the Company Admin, click bottom left Settings.

Scroll down to Nominations.

You'll have a few options here. Mainly, you'll want to require a message. 

Quick Nominations are where managers and company admins can rapidly nominate employees based on recognitions. No reason is required. If you create quick nomination badges, managers and admins can nominate staff based on recognitions in the Recognitions pane in the company admin or the manager portal.


Once enabled in the Settings, refresh the browser to make sure the company admin is updated. Once back, click Custom Badges in the top left. This is where you can customize your badges both for social recognition and nomination.

Next, create or find a badge that will be the nomination badge.

Note: If you've already sent nominations with a badge, you cannot switch it back to a social badge.

Make sure to set the badge sending limits. If you want the campaign period to be monthly or quarterly, choose those time periods accordingly. Also limit how often users can send that badge. 

Two votes in a quarterly voting period is a common setup.


Nomination badge examples

Companies often use Recognize's Nominations for employee of the month or employee of the quarter. To take it one step farther, encourage company values or initiatives.

Speaking Out

Innovator of the Quarter

Top Team Pollinator

Best Halloween Costume


How it works

Nominations use a lot of the same components of social recognitions, but they are actually different things. You'll never see nominations in the stream or in user profiles. If you ever see this, it is due to someone changing a badge from a social badge to a nomination badge, but already sent social recognition with that badge.

Nominations are like recognitions, except only the admins can see it. No one is notified when a nomination occurs.

We do not notify anyone because the system expects admins to login to the nomination section of the Menu > Company Admin > Nominations during the voting period. Once admins choose an award winner for the campaign period, the company can choose how to award them.

Most companies award staff by having the CEO send a CEO-role badge to the winners. A more traditional route is to give a physical award. People love the status of being the winner, so call them out in a monthly or quarterly gathering.

You may have multiple winners as ties. In fact, we encourage ties. The more winners the better. It can create friendly competition amongst your top staff.


Voting period

Above & beyond programs expect a time period for admins to choose a winner. Let staff know the last week of the campaign is when voting will be decided. If staff don't vote by the last week it may not be counted for that campaign period.


How do points works

There are no points with nominations. Only the people considered the winners are expected to receive mention.


Who sees the nominations

Users can see their last nomination when they submit it.

Company admins can see all the nominations in the Company Admin.


Create an impact with a result

Nominations are purely for voting. If you are looking for a result from it, create another badge only the admins or CEO can send. For instance, most companies will have an "Innovative Nomination" badge and an "Innovation Award" badge. One is sent by everyone for voting and the latter is sent by the CEO or an admin once someone is awarded.



All nomination tables in the Company Admin are exportable as CSV (not in Internet Explorer).


What's next?

The next step for nominations is to introduce a more formal voting period. Adding enterprise-level layers of voting managers and periods, is ideal feature.

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