How to center your company around values?

Aligning your company around a common mission is no easy task. Adding a value-driven recognition program to your company's HR suite will help streamline the process.

Often times, company values come from the founders and ripple through the company. Apple is a perfect example where Steve Jobs attention to detail forced his employees to contain the same values. This is shown through all of its products.

Not all companies can have a Steve Jobs-like figure, and that's why it is important to set up processes that will align and focus staff.

How to align staff around values

1. Come up with two to four values that are important to your company.

2. Create graphical symbols of these values.

3. Find top-of-mind solutions to promoting these values and their symbols. In the late 2000s, Facebook promoted its culture of "Move Fast And Break Things". They created posters around the offices. You should do the same for your culture. Create posters, send emails, and get the company behind it.

4. Add the graphic symbols into Recognize as recognition badges.

5. Create monthly gatherings where you promote the values and create recognition certificates to highlight staff members who exhibited these values and the specific actions they undertook that showcased these values.

6. Enable sharing the recognitions on your company's social network, such as Yammer. This will generate top-of-mind in the company.


With Recognize you can promote the values through recognition, and reward and award staff for exhibiting these behaviors. Within a few months you'll see a noticeable shift towards these values. Your staff will listen and if persisted will change their behavior.

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