Create a badge & badge dimensions

*Note screenshots make have slightly changed.

Badge dimensions

  • We recommend the badges are 200px by 200px and are transparent pngs
  • Badges must be a circle or square, they shouldn't be different widths vs. height.
  • We also recommend the badges are round, as Recognize rounds them on the stream page. Other places, such as emails and the recognition detail page will show it as you have uploaded it.


Upload a badge in Recognize

Once your company has upgraded to the purchased plan of Recognize, it is time to create badges. 

Steps to creating badges:

1. Go to the Company Admin in the top right menu.


2. Click Custom Badges on the left side of the Company Dashboard navigation.


3. From there you can disable the existing badges if you wish.


4. Create new ones by clicking Upload new badge.


Other rules

All that is required is a title and the badge. No two badges can have the same title.

Once a badge is created and it has been used by others, it can not be deleted or that would delete the associated recognitions.

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