How to Create Custom Employee Rewards (Company-Fulfilled)

Recognize allows you to create any kind of reward you want that your company helps fulfill. Recognize manages the process and someone on your staff makes it happen. The rewards are redeemable by points they receive from recognitions. The points cost nothing to you. They are assigned to the recognition badges. 

1. Go to the Company Admin

2. Click Rewards in the left menu

3. Click CATALOG in the horizontal rewards menu at the top.


4. Click Add Reward in the rewards menu on the left. 

5. From the dropdown menu choose Custom reward. This is how you can create any kind of reward. Recognize has ideas for rewards in the Add from template menu item. 

5. To create a reward, you must provide the following information:

  • Title
  • Description
  • The value amount. You can have multiple variants on the reward (eg. 15min, 30min, 1hr) for a massage
  • Who manages the redemption

Optional fields include:

  • How often can each employee reward the reward (eg. only one company sweatshirt a year).
  • The total quantity (eg. we ordered 100 sweatshirts only).
  • Image (Try or to download photos).



The Rewards Manager is included as a connection to any kind of reward you want to create. They help fulfill the reward and approve it in the Rewards Manager. Any employee who is made a rewards manager will have access to a page to approve or deny rewards.

Rewards can be disabled or enabled. This makes it easy to create rewards and then enable them on a later date.

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