How to customize the look and feel of Recognize (ie Theme/Whitelabel)?

Recognize's look and feel can be customized throughout the platform. There are several parts of Recognize that can be customized:

  • Website Theme
  • Email Theme
  • Award Certificate 
  • Welcome Video
  • Labels

Website Theme


Website Theming is done by the Recognize Support Team with a 2 business day turnaround. You will need to provide:

  • Small logo - for placement in the header
  • Large logo - for placement in the stream page and sign in pages
  • Colors
    • Toolbar color
    • Gray text color
    • Link color
    • Primary action button color

Theme Specifications

Logo in tool bar:

White transparent PNG

max height: 38px

max width: 176px


Logo in Stream page:

Color transparent PNG

max height: 60px

max width: 180px



Recognize changes one primary color and shades of that color are used through the whole site.

1. Toolbar color

Required. A dark color for the white text in the toolbar. This is the Your primary color that cascades through the whole site

2. Gray text - the shade of gray to be used in gray text throughout the site

3. Links

4. Primary action button


Contact us to white label your account.


Theming Emails

To theme emails go to the Company Admin > Settings > Top right Theme Customizations

Choose the colors and your logo for your emails.


Theming Award Certificates

On the same page for theming emails, you can choose to upload a certificate background. We recommend going to a recognition page, clicking "View certificate" and download the background image. Use those dimensions to create your own certificate. Attached in this article is the template. The image dimensions are 1000px x 755px.


Customizing the Welcome Video

The welcome video can be changed as well by changing the Youtube link for the Theme Customizations page.

Customizing labels

Recognize supports customizing labels and copy throughout the application. Contact Recognize Support Team to get the latest available options. Here is an example list of labels that can be customized:

Default Email Sender: The label of the sender when emails are sent from Recognize.
Recognition Email Subject: Custom subject line of emails to recognition recipients.
Recognition Tags: The label of how tags appear in the send recognition form.
Task Tags: The label of how tags appear in the task submission form.
Top users: The label of the heading of the top users section on the Stats page

New Recognition Recipient: The label of the recipient selection box on the send recognition form. 
View Your Recognition: The label for the button in the recognition recipient email to view your recognition.

Welcome Page Tagline: The tagline to shown to new users in Recognize on the Welcome page

Welcome Page Description: Additional description to the new users who join Recognize on the Welcome page

Welcome Page Recognize Button: The button label to send a recognition shown to new users

Badges Index Welcome: The heading for all the badges on the badges index page

Examples for a customer that called their program "Kudos"

Default Email Sender: "Kudos"
Recognition Email Subject: "%{name} sent you a kudos"
Recognition Tags: "Customers"
Task Tags: "Categories"
Top users: "Top all stars"

New Recognition Recipient: "I'd like to send a kudos to"
View Your Recognition: "View your kudos"

Welcome Page Tagline: "Send a kudos to a well deserving teammate or team"
Welcome Page Recognize Button: "Send a kudos"

Badges Index Welcome: "Kudos badges"


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