How to add a user?

Adding a user can be automatic if you are using a user management system, such as Active Directory. If you are using a different system, please contact us.

Adding users can also be a spreadsheet of your users. The attached files can further help with this, including a sample spreadsheet. You can also add a user manually.


Steps to manually add a user:

1. Go to the Company Admin.

2. Go to Users in the left navigation.

3. Click the Bulk Edit button on the top right side. The button will be in between Spreadsheet Import and Send Emails.

4. The Edit button will be replaced with three buttons: Add user, Save, and Done.

5. Click Add user and a new row will be added to your table of users. Insert the correct values to the new user row, and click Save. When you are done, well guess what click Done.

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