How to Remove or Disable Users

When users leave an organization, we recommend disabling their account. This locks out their access to the platform but leaves their account information including their sent recognitions and points in the system. If you wish to fully remove a user from the system including their sent recognitions and awarded points, please contact us.

User accounts can be managed automatically via our User Sync functionality which provisions and de-provisions users against your Office 365, Azure, or Yammer user directories. See our User Sync Guide. If you use a different user directory, please contact us.

Users can also be disabled manually in the Accounts section inside the Company Admin.

Steps to disable a user manually:

1. Go to the Company Admin.

2. Click Users in the left navigation.

3. Scroll the table to the right and the last column is the Actions column.

4. Click Disable for the corresponding user. Or click Activate to re-enable their account.

Screenshot_2017-08-30_10.48.35.png   Screenshot_2017-08-30_10.47.30.png



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