How do staff send recognitions?

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Send from the Recognize web application

Go to and sign in to send recognition. Click the Recognize link at the top left of Recognize.


Send employee recognition from email

CC any email with and the recipients of the email will receive recognition. Once the email is sent, you'll receive an email asking to change from the default badge. The default badge is the first badge in your list of badges in the Company Admin.  


Send employee recognition from Sharepoint

Simply go to your company's Recognize Sharepoint app part. From there navigate to the new recognition page, shown above, to send recognition.



Send employee recognition from Yammer

Go to the Recognize Yammer page to download one of our browser extensions that will insert Recognize into Yammer.

Once installed, go to Yammer and you will see a menu at the top to send recognition.


Send employee recognition from the Chrome extension

Staff who have Chrome and have downloaded the browser extension can click the blue star icon in Chrome to send recognition in a few seconds.


Send employee recognition from the mobile web app

1. Go to on your smart phone or add it to your homescreen.

2. Click the star circle at the top of left of the Recognize web app.

3. Send the recognition as normal.


Contact us to tell us how you want to send recognition. There's a chance we are already working on it.

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