How to find top employees by badge?

Although you can find top employees by badge and by team in the Company Admin, this article will focus on how to use the Hall of Fame feature to accomplish this task.

How to use the Recognize Hall of Fame to find top employees by badge.


1. Activate the Hall of Fame feature in the Company Admin settings and refresh your browser. (See how to do this)

2. Click Fame in the top navigation. If you don't see it, then you need to complete the first step. Or if you are logged in, the direct web address for the Hall of Fame is

3. From there you can view all the top employees in history for each badge. 

4. The Hall of Fame allows two different filtering methods related to badges: Time and teams.


In the screenshot shown above, you can click By month to change the date range from month to week, month, quarter, or year. 


Click All company to drill down into a specific group of users to find top employees by badge within their team or group.

Note: The Hall of Fame is based on total points, which include sending badge points.

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