Manager notification & Manager Portal

How are Managers notified

If you add a manager to a user's metadata in Company Admin > Users table, that person will receive an email notification when their direct report is recognized. It happens automatically and there is currently no way to turn it off. Once you add that person as a manager, they will continue to be notified until they are moved. 

If you have trouble removing a manager, please contact and we will help you.

User Sync

Managers can come through the user sync with Office 365 when it connects your active directory.

Spreadsheet import

If you want the managers you can also use the Import Excel file sample XLSX on the

Manager Portal

Once a user is labeled as a manager in Recognize, the managers will have access to the Manager Portal in the top right Menu. If you see the manager Portal, you are a manager.

In the v1 of the Manager Portal shows the top badges and points for their direct reports, link to their direct reports profiles to view their badge information. Managers also have access to the Recognitions tab that once only Company Admins could view. It is a table of all the recognition meta data. 

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