How to set a points to dollar (or your currency) ratio.

In Recognize rewards, we require company admins to set a points to dollar ratio. This is how many points gift cards, or other rewards, will be based on how many dollars they are worth. This also allows Recognize to tell you how much money badges are worth or anniversaries are worth, because Recognize uses that point to dollar ratio.

A few ratio setting examples:

$1 to 1pt

Some companies like to set one point equals one dollar. This is great to know exactly what everything is worth. The down side is then you can't use decimals for rewards.

$1 to 100pt

This is a great ratio to get lots of points in the system, but still clearly know what a point is worth. This also supports decimals.

$1 to 200pt

Casinos recommend a 200pt to $1 ratio because it makes people feel good for getting lots of points and it makes it hard for the user to convert the points to dollars. 

To set the point ratio, visit the Company admin > Rewards section. Once it is set, it can't be set again without Recognize team support. We recommend you don't change the ratio as it will affect reporting and the rewards. Try to decide ahead of time the ratio.

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