How are rewards redeemed?

Recognize is different from other vendors in that we don't make you pre-buy points, we ask you to transfer money to us so that when staff redeem gift cards, the money is withdrawn from your money. Another way we are different is that users aren't given a percentage of the points they must give away. Instead, you choose the max number of recognition badges different users can give in a time period. This way, you can have finite monetary-worth badges that managers or employees can send, while also having zero point badges that have no restriction.

Your staff use points from the recognition badges to purchase gift cards. These points are earned only from the employee recognition badges they receive from coworkers. For instance, if a manager can send a badge worth 1000 points and you've set up a 100pts to $1 points ratio in Recognize, then when that manager gives that 1000pt badge to an employee, that employee can now spend equivalent to $10 in the rewards catalog. All the gift cards are digital, which means your employees can access their gift cards in their user profile or email.

All points users receive carry over time periods. Points never expire in the program. We want to engage your users who will redeem rewards each month and users who will hold on to points over a long time period.



Budgeting is based on how many badges can be given out on a interval basis. Go to the Custom badges in the Company Admin to choose the points, sending interval, and the roles of each badge to determine your budget. If the rewards are enabled, then you'll see how much that badge is worth (See screenshot below). To change the interval, go to Settings in the Company Admin.



At the top of the page you'll see the total potential spending based on the badges.


In the settings you can choose the interval.



When the rewards is disabled

If the rewards catalog is disabled to end users, then the 1000pts badge will not be redeemable in the rewards catalog. Rewards and points are only redeemable when the catalog is enabled for your users.



You can choose the points to dollar ratio in the program when you first get started. Go to Company Admin > Rewards to see how. You can always see the rewards ratio in the Settings page of the Company Admin.


When employees leave

All the points a user received will not be redeemed after the employee's account is disabled.


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