Rewards: Deposit Money for Gift Cards.

Recognize supports over a hundred gift cards for redemption by your staff, exchanging points earned from recognitions received for those rewards you've enabled.

Top answers to important rewards questions:

1. Recognize does not charge a per redemption fee. There is an initial deposit fee of 5% for credit card, and $50 for check, or ACH option with no associated cost. Beyond that, 100% of the money deposited into the system goes to your gift cards. If a user redeems a $5 gift card, they get a $5 gift card, and there is no fee to the company.

2. You transfer the money to us, we place it in an holding account, and it is your money until redeemed.

Fees for depositing:

ACH (push)* FREE
ACH (pull)* $30
Wire transfer $15
Checks $30
Credit/Debit cards 5%

Push - Transaction is initiated and funds are transferred from your sending account — you are pushing the money into the destination account.

Pull - Transaction is initiated and funds are transferred from the receiving account — you are pulling the money in from the source account

There is a $50 fee for returning money.


If your company deposits $1,000 for gift cards via check and staff redeem $250 of gift cards, and your company wants the balance back, we'll send you a check for $650.

Deposit $1000
Check Deposit Fee -$30
Redemptions -$250
Return balance fee -$50
Balance returned $670


3. There is a minimum deposit amount of $1000

4. To deposit money with Recognize via ACH, send us a request here: or

For sending a check, send checks to Recognize Rewards 760A Gilman Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

5. Recognize provides downloadable reports for accountants. See how in this article.

6. Once we receive your payment, you'll see that line item in the Transactions table in the Rewards admin. When you go to the rewards catalog and click Create a reward in the menu, you'll now have the option to add a gift card.


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