How to Create a Gift Card Reward (Provider-Fulfilled)

Once the Recognize team has confirmed the deposit from the company, go to Rewards in Company admin.

  1. Click Catalog
  2. Click Create reward
  3. Click Add gift card



From the gift card list, click Add or Edit on the right of each gift card to add it to your list or edit existing gift cards.




Adding a new gift card reward is a lot like adding a custom reward, except there is less to fill-in. Depending on the vendor, you may have different options for the gift card amount variance. Either there will be a fixed number of options for the amounts, while other vendors allow you to add any amount.

The rewards manager is optional for gift cards, as by default it will go to the company admins to approve. 



Continue this process of adding gift cards until you are happy with a rewards catalog. You can always edit or remove gift card options at any time through the Company Admin Rewards interface. The company is not charged for any gift cards until the employee has redeemed it and the company admin or rewards manager has approved it.


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